Our Philosophy

Part of our philosophy is to offer the Volkswagen enthusiast an interior resto service where we all speak the same language and share the same enthusiasm for the continued enjoyment of things Volkswagen.

Our aim is to "keep it original". Volkswagen designed their cars to be functional and reliable enough to last forever with the correct maintenance. There's no doubt that if you maintain your Volkswagen to factory specs, you'll enjoy functionality and reliability. Likewise with your interior, if your seats are up to the standard Volkswagen designed, you'll enjoy comfortable motoring. Unfortunately, the interior is often the last place to get some attention, yet it's the interior that dictates how you enjoy the ride.

It doesn't matter whether your car fits a certain category or style, we strive to maintain a focus on "the way Volkswagen would have done it".

Another factor we believe to be important is that we cater to "right hand drive" Australian cars. There are plenty of products available for left hand drive vehicles and as many have discovered when opening that long awaited delivery from overseas... some things just don't fit. That's where local knowledge works for you.