We have access to a huge range of vinyls, man-made leather and genuine leathers. We look for materials that match the originals in colour and grain. We are always on the lookout for NOS vintage vinyls and carry stocks of textured and patterned vinyls from the sixties and seventies if you want to do something special.

We have a library of seat patterns for most older Volkswagens. Whether you want a stock or custom look, we can supply kits that we fit for you, or for the DIYers, we can supply all you need to fit out your own car.

We are a NO FOAM ZONE! Unlike most motor trimmers today, we don't fill our seats with foam rubber. Early Volkswagen seats were a very clever design. Utilising the comfort of a coil spring base, the seats need a firm but forgiving coconut fibre pad to separate you from the springs in your seat. If your seat pads have disintegrated, you will probably be suffering from all sorts of pain, from back pain to the pain of springs in your backside.

We can supply seat pads to suit most early and some later models.


Here's a classic example of a disintegrated seat pad. This one was so bad it turned to dust on removal.
You can see the thickness of the new pad beside it. We simply replaced the original factory seat cover, and it's like new again. Imagine the difference in comfort!

This 58 bench is pretty typical with the driver's side through to the springs.


Man made leather is has fairly good match for 50's black.


We always do a sample for the customer so they know what they're getting.


There's a lot of mathematics involved. Everything must be measured and cut with precision. Measured twice then cut!!

A new coconut fibre seat pad will keep those springs away for another 30-40 years.


Covering the spring frame before the coconut fibre seat pad goes on means you won't get that red dust under your seat in 30 years time.

Man made leather has the right qualities for non aircon vehicles. Doesn't heat up like vinyl and isn't freezing cold in winter. Will outlast leather by a long shot.